2009 Nissan Murano

  • 2009 Nissan Murano

    Nissan Murano
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    • Check engine light on, airbag light flashing, tpms light flashing. Retrieved codes p0463 fuel level sensor/circuit, p0171 fuel injector lean system b1, p0174 injector lean system bank 2. B1032 occupant classification system communication failure-history fault. Codes for low voltage in tpms sensors except one, recommend replacing all 4 sensors. Technical service bulletin NTB10-035a states that if the fuel gauge is inaccurate and/or code p0463 sets to replace both sending units (main and sub). Fuel level is read by the ecm and then communicated through the CAN network to the instrument panel cluster, if there was an issue with that communication, different codes would be set. Found intake air boot torn, allowing unmetered air to enter intake causing a lean condition. Replace intake air boot. Airbag code was a history code and cleared and did not return, if problem persists diagnose further. Vehicle left for the weekend and returned Monday for intake air boot and upper engine torque rod. Scan codes again and p0456 very small evap leak was set. Cleared codes and test drove, vehicle runs good, fuel trims are within spec.
    • No issues found. Front pads measuring ~8mm, rears ~6-7mm.
    • See diag line
    • See diag line
    • Driver master switch is faulty
    • Noise is coming from torn air intake boot.
    • Found left washer nozzle tube clogged with gelled washer fluid, cleared tube and cleaned both nozzles. Washer fluid works better from both nozzles but not perfect, recommend replacing both nozzles.
    • AIR INTAKE HOSE – Remove & Replace
    • ENGINE OR TRANSMISSION MOUNT – Remove & Replace – Front,Engine,Mount,Right Side of Engine Compartment
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